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Ultimate Plus 8.0

Masonic Software Ultimate Plus is Masonic Software flagship product
8.0 (See all)

Masonic Software Ultimate Plus (Mosaic product line) is Masonic Software flagship product. Containing 66 eBooks with over 17,637 pages, 43 Masonic Tests with over 1,000 questions, 880 Masonic graphics, 85 Masonic screensavers, 20 Masonic crossword puzzles, Masonic fonts, and much more. In addition, the Ultimate Plus includes the Masonic Tracing Board and the Award.
Main features:
- Save several hundred dollars over "printed" books
- Learn more, faster with the Masonic test
- Save money: build your graphics, print your Awards and Records
- Get excited about Masonic research
- Masonic Software Premium Graphics will provide quality Masonic graphics
- Possess more knowledge than EVER available for the cost

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